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We are conducting a highly transparent, standardized, and efficient approach for recovering foreign VAT in a cost-effective manner

  • Identify VAT incurred in Europe and its eligibility for refund.
  • Assist to apply for and obtain a tax certificate from the domestic tax authorities.
  • Handle all the paperwork- file the VAT refund application in the local language, where necessary.
  • Liaise with the tax office – Communicate with the relevant European tax authorities locally.
  • Rectify invoices – many invoices are not always in the name & address of the company.
  • Process documents and invoices, and submit to relevant overseas Tax Authority.
  • We arrange VAT refunded amount paid to your designated bank account at your preferred currency with original invoices returned for your successful claim.
  • We will appeal and conduct re-submission of claim to overseas Tax Authority in case of any unsuccessful claim.
  • We provide your clear report with details for each claim at the end.

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